Martin Bush, Bournemouth, England

 Hi Mats,

Here you have a couple of photos for your site.
 The old Black and White is me age 13 in 1973 in a mud section at Landford, Wiltshire, South England.  The bike is one of the first MK 1 MAR ever produced.

 The colour one I took today.  Its a 1976 MK 2 MAR.  I bought it from a guy called Alan Webb in Hythe Hampshire when it was 9 months old, (he bought
it new) and have had it ever since.  I`ve ridden it in many trial (won a few to) used it as a ride to work bike and used it as a ride to pub bike.
I`ve resprayed the tank and frame several times, I intend to take the matt black of off the engine cases and chaingaurd again and polish the ally.
The reason I put the matt black on there is to save me polishing the ally, but the black is wrong.

Long live OSSA motorcycles!

Martin Bush, Bournemouth, England
Today the bike is sold

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