by Mats Nyberg

OSSA motorcycles

Keith Lynas in San Diego

Pictures from my visit at Keith Lynas in May 1999.

During my visit to California in May 1999 I went to see Keith Lynas outside San Diego. He had mailed me and told me about his 90 OSSAs which I just could not believe. Now I know it is true. He also has got about 130 more bikes. You have to see it to believe it!

Here I am in Keith´s OSSA heaven

One of Keith´s Phantom. Boy was it fast!

One of his to short trackers. Listen to it!!

Lots of spareparts!

And Keith knows where they are.
Keith has bought up lots of NOS parts so he has got anything you want. Just call him.
Keith even has new fabricated stronger than stock pushrods and Arias(I think it was) made pistons lighter than stock

I got the parts I needed, a shifter shaft and the spring on it and an old gear lever. He was out of front fenders but would get new ones. I could not wait but I found one. Keith is a really nice guy and honest (at least the impression I got) and I would not doubt to send him cash from Sweden were I live.
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