Keith Gray, Kennesaw, Georgia

Hi Mats. In 1998 I posted on your page about my 1971 Pioneer and my plans to restore it. I am pleased to say that it is done and it looks amazing.
Mats here are some pix.
I rode it like this for a year and then began to restore it.
I went all out in the restoration of my Ossa. It was completely disassembled. I even un-spoked the wheels to polish the rims and hubs. Everything was repainted, replated or repolished.

Before restoration

Bike in pieces after 30 years in storage

Some of your readers may note some non-standard parts on my Ossa.
The seat is a period correct '70's aftermarket seat made by Boss for the Pioneer. These are very rare and I'm told that very few were made. It has better padding than the original seat and does not rub against the gas tank, so I don't have to worry about it damaging the expensive paint job. I love how it looks and it is very comfortable.

Ppowder coated frame

Repainted fibre glass

Recromed parts

New parts

The rear fender is also a '70's aftermarket part, which I purchased in 1973. I like the Stiletto look much better than the coffin-shaped original fender. The tail light is from a '73 Ossa SDR, and is also period-correct.

The bike together after 5 days work, minus carburetor. The carb was a mess and went to Alex Snoop who rebuilt it.

The kick starter is from a Stiletto. I never liked the way the original kick starter looked, and I did not like the way that it snagged on brush. The Stiletto kicker is shorter which makes it just a little harder to kick over, but I love the way it looks. And it folds up tight against the engine, so snagging is less of a concern.

The silencer is NOS for a 1969 Pioneer, made to mount on the left side. The original chrome plating was very poor quality so I had it rechromed. I also had to modify it to fit on the right side. If I ever find a good original equipment silencer I will buy it, but I'm happy with this one. Only a real expert would notice that is not correct.

I still have the original rear fender, seat, taillight, kick starter, silencer and passenger foot pegs. 
This is the result. I was thrilled when it started and ran the very first kick! The engine was in good shape. Alex Snoop rebored the cylinder and fitted a new piston. I replaced the crankshaft seals. Otherwise the engine was found to be in great shape with all plays and clearances in-spec.

It was so satisfying to be able to return my Pioneer to it's former glory...and then some. A friend who knows Ossas called it the best detailed restoration he had ever seen. It is too pretty to ride in the dirt, but I enjoy riding it around the gravel roads near our mountain home in Cherry Log, Georgia. It draws a crowd everywhere that I take it. Lot's of old guys, like me, say "I remember those Ossas from when I was a kid".
Extra special thanks to Alex Snoop for parts and technical assistance.
Fred Rutherford of Hendersonville North Carolina did the amazing repair and paint work on the fiberglass.

I now have another 1971 Pioneer to restore. Fred Mix of Bluffton South Carolina saw me on your website, and gave me his old Pioneer which had been leaning against a tree in his back yard for over 10 years. The carb was missing and the Motoplat was junk. But I have good used ones, and after I put in some new crank seals it should run. I may restore it. I have been thinking of making it into a "Pioletto" by installing a Stiletto top end, carb and expansion chamber. or I may build it as a cafe racer. will be a fun winter project!

Keith Gray, Kennesaw, Georgia

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