Joshua Hutterer, Pittsburgh, Pa, USA


My early teenage I rode Motocross on new Japanese Models, but my love for dirtbikes was born from a young age.
My grandfather, Sam Walton, aquired the total inventory from the local Ossa Dealer here in western pennsylvania in the early 80's. He had been riding Ossa's for many years and my uncles and him rode frequently so the parts would have
been hard to find without a source hence his investment.
Anyhow, I fell in love with this hobby the day I sold my hopped up Zuki RM 250 racer and restored the 6 days.
It started on the second kick and the feeling is undescribable, as you all know,  turning trash into treasure. We have a miles worth of internal engine parts but not enough chassis to house them. hehehe.....

All ossa fans, feel free to contact me for ossa parts, or needs for carb parts, engine parts and many others, as long as "Ossa Mike Pierro" or myself do not need it, than i am happy to help any and all ossinian's.

Thanks again mats

Joshua Hutterer
pittsburgh Pa
412.722.8451 cell phone

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