by Mats Nyberg

Jeremy Sharam U.K.

When I was 18 (1978) I bought from a friend of mine an Ossa 250 Trials bike (plonker) which I used as a fun machine in the wooded areas around my home. I owned the bike for about two years and have great memories of it. The bike was then of course only a few years old ( 4 ish) and was also used on the road.

This year, as I rapidly approach 40 years old, I was keen to get a motorcyle for fun again, and as my children (14 and 11) were also keen I started to scan the papers for an off road (preferably trials) machine at low cost.
After a few weeks of looking I found to my delight an old Ossa for sale. It was in a fairly terrible state. I have since spent a lot of time restoring the main frame, wheels, brakes etc including a respray and retrim of the seat. The engine runs but needs a bit of work. I am currently collecting the parts.
It is a 250 plonker again and dates from its engine number between 1972 and 1976. It has a Whitlock frame which I believe were manufactured here in the UK. It is not road registered and I do not believe it ever has been.
The bike will be used for fun between myself and my children and I hope to more fully restore and use it next year.

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