Emilio Carra, Italy.




Hi  Mats,
See my last work in the enclosed pictures and please put it in Your site.
The bike is named PATANEGRA and are an Ossa Mar 350 ' 76 engine with a four transfers barrel mounted on a frame with particular measures , the engine with the particular exaust system have a lot of power at any r.p.m. and this power is very elastic and soft to be used.......it's been very appreciated and a lot of pilots say that this's the best Ossa trial engine never done !!!!!!!!
Now I'm working to a new Ossa with a frame built with modern concepts, but 100% OSSA, I will mail You other particulars when it should be possible...thanks and good luck for the new Ossa T280i.




Hi Mats,
I've built this Mini M.A.R. OSSITA using all the parts of a moped found in a demolition field, all the components are original: the frame and forks have been shorted and modified, the hubs, handlebar and shock absorbers are the same, I've built the gas tank, seat, fenders, chain-guard and tensioner, rear brake lever etc. I've showed the item in the recent Novegro Esposition having a great respons from the OSSA fans and so I decided on request to built others of this bikes.
I'm looking in Spain to found other Ossitas in bad condictions to transform into Mini M.A.R. because a lot of collectors ask me to build replicas and now I will produce five transformation kits.

Emilio Carra, Italy
Contact: CCDesign

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