Don Larue, Muscatine Iowa, USA. 

I have been a OSSA fan for about 25 years. I had a cousin that own the OSSA shop here in Muscatine Iowa. 

I now have about 4 OSSA's I race in the vintage class wherever I can here in the midwest.

I have promoted a couple of races in the last 2 years in Columbus Junction Iowa. Last year we had a OSSA shootout, we had 4 OSSA. Hope that next years race we can have another, not everyday you can see that many OSSA's running at the same time. 

This is the top three riders in the OSSA shootout that we had. #44 Dennis Melcher, 18 Don LaRue, 29 Rick Reinike and 7 Mitch Smith. The guy standing in the middle is Lee Mathews from Iowa Wheel Sport. He helped Sponsor the shootout.
I have a 250cc GP2 motor in a Trackmaster frame. Lee Mathews from Iowa Wheel Sport out of Colfax Iowa built it for me Run Fast! Right now I am looking at July 25, 1998 for the race next year in Columbus Junction, Iowa. Still waiting to see if I can get the track. 1/2 mile dirt track that is in great shape for flattracking. If anyone is interested in talking to me I have a 800 number that I am at from 8am - 5pm Central Time. it is 1-800-624-9212 ext. 7582 Call me.
Winter 1997 in Des Moines Indoor. I even have a tattoo on my shoulder of that shot.

Don Larue, Muscatine Iowa, USA. enail:

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