Craig Parkinson,USA

Attached are shots from the Vintage Iron World Championships at Glen Helen racetrack in Southern California.
Note the flattened beer can (Bud Lite, Jeremy's sponsor), strapped over the hole in the exhaust pipe where the mount broke off during the David Bailey MX school the day before.
Bailey used to race a Bultaco, so had some sly comments about Spanish bikes. I barely survived the race day. It was blazing hot, 100* F- maybe 38* C, and I was melting. Then my bike loaded up and wouldn't start and I exhausted myself pushing it around even before the race even started.
I think the Motosplat may being going south, again. The gas taps leak which adds to the problem also. The course was a tamed down version of the National course, but still plenty tough. Lots of jumps, some step up doubles, hills, sand, whoops, their big banked "Talledega" Nascar style first turn.
I entered as an Intermediate and the Husky guy I usually race with won the Novice class and beat me.
Bruce McDougal, a local expert, was in my race on a Husky. I saw him up to the second corner, then not again. I really should do some kind of exercise. A hole in the exhaust makes a big difference in the high speed running of the bike. Plus all the usual sources were out of race gas, so I mixed pump gas with the little race gas I had. The bike got so hot, that when my toe dug into the soft ground in a turn and bumped the shifter out of gear, the bike would rev like the throttle was stuck open. Moto diesel.
This race always has some drama. Last year the motor mounts came loose, so the ignition was cutting out at high revs because the ground between the frame and motor would vibrate apart. This year, after setting up camp I went out to see a friend, then got caught in Las Vegas bound traffic, and came within 30 seconds of being locked out of the track at 10:00 at night. Then got back to be greeted by the water sprinklers going on where my tent was set up. Then some little animals came sniffing around the tent in the middle of the night, and scared me.
In the race I almost high sided off the Novice Husky guy's rear wheel. I almost landed on a guy in my class (another Husky) that wasn't jumping the doubles, because he has a bone chip in his ankle. Always something.
BTW, by virtue of no one else entering my class, an Ossa is the 250 pre-75 Intermediate World Champion. At least in the Southern California "World". Attached is a zipped file of photos. One of my truck and stuff camping out at the track, between the Friday David Bailey school, and the Saturday raceday. And another of the bike- a 1974 Phantom in GPII colors.

Craig Parkinson '74 Phantom #474

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