Ossa Snooper Store

Pictures taken, November 2003

Hurry up Karl take the pic its raining 
out, the sign is perfect.

SDR1 for sale, fresh motor.

Parts shelf 1, NOS means NOS.

Parts shelf 2, more NOS.

I believe thats a ISDT 
reunion gold medal winner.

Motor stand land, motors come 
back to life after a long naps.

Motor stands, notice Full Bore oil, no 
Ossa garage is complete without it.

Coverless, I think it needs Ossa badges.

Ceramic plaques John Taylor Xmas gifts to 
Yankee employees, never seen east before.

Karls thumb & snoop st1. I needed about 
an hour to look at this bike details details.

SDR, take me home Karl, you can make room.

SDR rear wheel, my wheels don't look like that.

Ossa banner, whats under the cover? It's not an Ossa.

SDR front wheel, Scotty needs to 
get a life, the nipples even shine.

This st1 is perfect, wish it was in my foyer.