Jeff Schroeder

Here is a photo of my '78 ISDT VI Day, this OSSA is very rare, not many
are still around. It was outfitted with Hoss plastic & a Jemco pipe.Hi Mats,

Thanks for posting my VI Day, its the best enduro I have ever owned or
ridden. I plan on riding it at the ISDT Reunion Ride in Oct. It should
be a real head turner. I've been told the VI Day was a 1 year model with
only arond 2,000 made.

78 ISDT VI Day

My 1973 SDR

My 1971 Pioneer 250

Jeff Schroeders project bike a 1972 Stiletto.
(Sold about 5 years ago)

Jeff Schroeder, St Louis, MO, USA

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