1978 Maico 250 MC

2003-feb 03
I bought this Maico april 2002.  (I could not find an OSSA) The plan was to have a running bike in June for my off-road vacation with my sons.
Almost one year later the bike is still not finished but soon I will have it running.
I have said to my self "Never buy a non running machine" but I did anyway and of  course.... lotsa troubles.

Kick starter shaft broken, shifter shaft as well and replaced with a screw and a piece of metal welded to it as a pedal.
Stupid me didn't check if the engine turned around. When I opened it up it was full of water and piston and all bearings were stuck!
Lots of oil and a big hammer and finally everything came loose but bearing surfaces and cylinder wall didn't look perfect.

First gear cog wheel missing and several shims in the gearbox missing and they seem to have run the bike like this!!

I contacted Mulders Maico Parts in Holland and they had everything I needed.  First I got the wrong cog wheel but finally after 6 months I got everything and now  the engine is put together.

The 2 engine cases does not seem to be matched to each other. Cylinderbase surface differed about 0.5 mm.
A thick gasket was fitted and hopefully it will work.
Shifter and kickstarter shaft was welded together with Yamaha 50 parts (cheap and available). The Yamaha kick starter was rewelded to fit the left hand kick on the Maico.

I was worried about the Motoplat ignition but with the kickstarter mounted there was a tiny little spark that I think will do.

Finally, the engine fired up at first try!! It sure has got a few more horses than my -69 OSSA!
The bike is almost all put together missing left foot peg, side panels and seat.
To be continued...




The bike has now been ridden and runs really great, rear shocks maybe needs to be replaced. Front fork has new seals and gaithers fitted. After first ride the kickstart shaft broke because the weld was not perfect but has now been rewelded. The Yamaha DT50 spline part and kick are weaker than original but I think it will work as long as one keeps the splines well tightened.

Shiftershaft has also been fitted with the shaft part from Yamaha DT50 and is as good as new.

From the start of this project I was worried that the bike would never run so I have kept the spending to  a  minimun. But now, as it runs so great I will continue. Primary chain is badly worn and is eating the primary side cover. Also the cluth basket is worn so I think I will order new parts soon.

For the 2003 summer vacation (1 week of riding in the north of Sweden) the Maico ran for a few ours before the con rod big end seized. It did not really surprise me since it was stuck by rust when I bought it.
The next winter I bought a new con rod from Germany. At first I tried to get one from Thomas Wetzel. Beware if this guy. He sent me the wrong parts several times and in the end I gave up and order from Köstler. So I ended up with an extra conrod that I don't need.
Anyway, Åke Johansson in Uppsala help me to change the con rod and I put the bike together for my vacation ride 2004. I just started up the bike before the 650 km trip. Everything worked fine. When we arrived the bike fired up but after 500m the rear wheel locked up. The gearbox would not move! My son was very disappointed. It is his bike and now he had to ride my OSSA trial.
Back home last fall I took the engine apart once more. 2 cogwheels kaputt!
I will try get the bike together for this season.

Mulders Maico Parts, Holland (Guus&Gerry)
Zweirad Köstler, Germany (A. Köstler)
Wulfsport, England (Bill Brown)

Mats Nyberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Mats Nyberg, Stockholm, Sweden